About Shannen

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Why The Strange is Beautiful?

I started this project because my whole life I’ve grown up with kids who have ADHD, schizophrenia, panic disorder, anxiety, PTSD, depression….including my own set of obstacles. And I felt like no one cared about what we were going through, no one wanted to listen to us, and no one really wanted to have anything to do with us period. …and none of us knew how to get better. I’ve had panic disorder and cycles of depression for 5 years. I lost friends, boyfriends, etc. because they didn’t know how to deal with someone who gets panic attacks or depression, and they didn’t want to learn how.

Originally, I started this blog so I could track my cycles and figure out how to get better on my own, share my knowledge, and spread awareness of mental health.

It took changing every aspect of my life to get better. And I am better. :)
It’s amazing to say that I am free of panic attacks!

Everyday we should all be finding ways to maintain our mental health and find a little more comfort in our life.

TSIB is a site to discover holistic ways to treat not just your stress, or mind obstacle, but your Self as a whole.

Recently I released The Strange is Beautiful Alternative Self-Help Guide so you can get better on your own andddd have the resources you need to ask for extra help during your healing journey <333

Sending you ++posi vibes++

I love to write songs and poems, take naps with my kitten, dance in my socks and eat waffles. Everyday is a practice to maintain peace.

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Tavi Gevinson, BUST and BITCH magazines, Kathleen Hanna, Bjork, Kate Nash, Winona Ryder and Cyndi Lauper. Anyone that inspires me to be free.

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