Self-Love Date Night


Our first “Self-Love Date Night” February 9, 2018 at Rec Center in Los Angeles was amazing!

How to Listen to Your Body: Self-Love Routine

Shannen_Feb Theme_Image_listen to your body

One of my January reflection goals was to learn to love myself again. A part of that process has been making it a routine to listen to my body. Listening to your body is a practice (and yes, sometimes it is hard + involves tissues <3 <3 <3). It means pausing to sit, breathe, relax the muscles in your face, …

I am the Phoenix, Reborn and Ready: Reflection in 5 Diary Entries


The Phoenix in mythology, and in Harry Potter, is a bird that dies, turns to ashes and is reborn. I feel reborn. I have felt so different ever since I moved out. Almost confused from it. Who am I? Who is Shannen? This is five diary entries on reflecting on who am I today, now, and who do I want …