Yoga for Anxiety + Depression #8

easy twist

Your pose for today is Twist! Twists encourage the digestive system to work properly Рwhich often helps the stomach to properly function, especially, when you feel like knives are piercing your tummy during a panic attack or through an unwavering depression Рadds moisture to your spine, helps your posture, and elminates toxins in the spine.

Yoga for Anxiety + Depression #4

bridge pose

Your pose for today is Bridge Pose ! Bridge Pose, or Setu Bandha Sarvangasana, is considered a back bend, or a “heart opener.” Heart openers offer space for the breath in the ribs, chest, throat, and neck, and this added space calms anxieties. Because backbends are opening up the heart cavity, sometimes there will be an emotional release (AKA tears). …