Sadcore Sundays: “La Capacidad” by Lido Pimienta

There’s a skit in the middle of the music video that will make you fall in love with Lido Pimienta and empower you <3 <3 <3 This is for anyone who has experienced an abusive relationship.

“[This video] is about us/people being able to build the space one wants to ‘grow up’ in,” Pimienta told Remezcla. “A safe space in which a womxn or female-identifying person can exist without fear.”



Written by: Lido Pimienta
Lyrics in Spanish and EnglishTu, tu tienes la capacidad//You, you are able
tu, de hacerme reír de hacerme llorar de felicidad// to make me laugh, to make me cry of happiness
Y yo, ahora estoy aqui//And I am here
Y tu, eres todo y mas//And you are everything, and more
Y yo, soy feliz aqui // I am happy here
Pues tu// Because you
Supiste esperar//Knew how to wait
Tu, tu tienes la capacidad//You are able…
Tu, puedes transcribir, puedes descifrar, sabes que soy mas//You can transcribe and decipher, you know i am worth so much more
Pues yo, aunque estes aqui// Because I know, that even with you here
tengo, tengo identidad, personalidad// I still have my identity, my personality.
Y yo, sabes que por ti// You know for you
todo lo daria// I would give anything
pero, primero estoy yo// But I come first
mi realización – mi felicidad// My happiness, and life goals
Tu, tu eres el hombre y yo soy la mujer // Oh yeah you, you are the man, and I am just the woman….
pero eso no quiere decir, que mi vida sucede por ti, sucede para ti // but that does not mean, that my life is not whole without you.
Yo no nací, para cocinarte // I was not born to cook for you
Yo no nací, para hijos darte // I was not born to be the mother of your children
Yo no nací, para encajar en una novela hetero-normal // I was not born, to fit in a hetero-normative soap opera
Yo no nací para retrasar el feminismo mundial// I was not born to set back worldwide feminism.

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