BALANCE Q#1: What is the balance between self-care and caring for others?

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Balancing taking care of yourself and caring for loved ones can be hard and confusing. Sometimes, taking more me-time or giving a friend space, versus being there for them, can lead to a heated and tearful argument or feelings of guilt. Other times, doing so creates an outcome of a healthy and strong platonic or romantic relationship.

Self-Care: Quick and Easy Meals Fit For a Budget

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Preparing your own meals is a part of self-care that can be ignored or easily forgotten. Sometimes we feel too exhausted to cook and we find ourselves in the habit of eating fast food that can end up being the reason we continue to feel sluggish and heavy. Buying so much fast food also drains the wallet and the cost …

Childhood Sexual Assault Survivors Tell Their Stories at “Speak Out!”


“I laughed, I smiled, I cried so happily. It felt like 21 years of my family’s shame had been zapped away by my magical potion of speech,” said Kelsey*, a “Speak Out!” speaker. The WINGS Foundation, located in Denver, Colorado, hosted donation-based event “Speak Out!” on Saturday April 14 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. in Hampden Hall where six …

Self-Care Workshop & Yoga for Anxiety and Depression

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In my personal journey with mind obstacles, yoga was the first thing to help me in a huge way. After practicing at home with DVD’s for awhile, I took my first studio class and immediately after it, decided to become a 500 hour trauma informed teacher. In the process of teaching, I founded The Strange is Beautiful to make alternative …