How to Help a Friend Through a Panic Attack

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Panic attacks can be scary for both the person panicking, and for the friend of the panicker. But what you, as the friend of the panicker, need to have in mind is: they are way more scared than you, and they need you to bring them back to reality. Below describes what panic attacks are, what causes a panic attack, …

We Held Insta Discussions with POC Healers and Therapists on Suicide, Now What?

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Our mental health system has needed to be changed drastically for a long time. Suicides and trauma statistics are just now starting to be taken seriously in educational institutions – in 2018…took long enough right? – and mental health social media organizations are booming, yet options for those struggling with suicide, such as hospitalization and hotlines, are still limited with …

Check Out Our Sadcore Sundays Spotify Playlist!

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Listening to music is a great and healthy way to cope with mind obstacles in trying times.  In honor of National Suicide Prevention Month, The Strange is Beautiful has created a Spotify playlist including featured artists from our Sadcore Sundays posts. We hope that these songs lift your spirits and help get you through tough times.

Take our Autumn Anxiety Survey!

Jump Rope Autumn Anxiety

Autumn can come with shorter days, changing leaves, and cooler weather. Sometimes it comes with added anxiety that can make school, work, or general life hard to get through. We want to understand how Autumn anxiety affects you and how you cope with it. Take our survey and let us know how (or if) autumn anxiety is present in your …