“The Aftermath” – Healing After a Breakup, Short Story


The First Day After… It feels like the hundredth time this morning that something reminds you of them. The grocery store bakery carries that rare bread that they like. You’re tempted to smell it because you think it’ll make you feel close to them again. You think burying your nose into something they love will turn you back into something …

Relationship Advice: Dear Masculine Bae with a Mental Obstacle


Dear Masculine Bae with a Mental Obstacle, You have a Bae who loves you, so open up to your Bae and let your Bae help you. Have compassion for your Bae who is worried sick about you, and ease into talking about your issues with your Bae. Your Bae will never know or be able to help until you start talking. Practice …

Relationship Advice: Dear Bae of Bae with a Mental Obstacle


Mental obstacles are draining. They can take away all desire to live, so your Bae with a mental obstacle will probably need help researching alternative methods of self-help, therapists, help-lines, support groups, supportive bloggers, etc.