Energy Healing 101 Re-wire your brain

Bodies are wired for pleasure and they know how to be happy. I have a personal practice where I start each day checking in with my body. 'How does she feel? What does she need? What does she want to wear for the day?'

Marnie McNulty has been an energy practitioner for over 17 years. She is trained in Kalos, Theta Healing, 12-strand DNA activations, THe Melchezidek Method, Reiki,  Sensory Learning, and she has developed her own form of emotional release method using techniques from Educational Kinesiology and NLP. On top of all this, she practices White Tantra yoga for her own personal spiritual journey. She has been able to see, feel, hear, and manipulate energy her whole life. Her loves include Harry Potter, chocolate, tub baths, and her puppy.

“Bodies are wired for pleasure and they know how to be happy. I have a personal practice where I start each day checking in with my body. ‘How does she feel? What does she need? What does she want to wear for the day?’ etc. I also check in with myself energetically and emotionally. The funny thing is that my emotions may feel heavy, but my body feels happy. I started realizing that the happiness in my body was what was real and true. It is our natural state. When my emotions were heavy, it was because of the thoughts I was thinking, without checking to see if those thoughts were even real or true for me. It has been an eight-year journey to get to where I am today. I still have days where I feel less than amazing and I move back into my body each time. I consistently feel better. Bodies always move towards healing; my body has never betrayed me. Ever. (I betrayed her by not listening to her truth.)”

Energy Healing 101

by Marnie McNulty

First, let’s just start with the basics. Quantum physics tells us that nothing is solid. Everything is energy. Everything is vibrating. The rate at which something vibrates determines its density. There have been plenty of experiments conducted showing how everyone & everything is influenced by energy. (If this stuff interests you, look up Masaru Emoto, plants and music, and Cymatics.) Yes, this means you are energy too!

Next, let’s look at the set up of the energy system; the aura, meridians, and chakras. Keep in mind that this is simplified to give you a solid foundation. The aura, sometimes called the biofield of the body, is a subtle energy system that runs around the body. The first layer of the aura rests on the skin and extends out from the body for several feet and is basically in the shape of an egg. Meridians, or nadis, are energy channels that run through the body and circulate energy. Chakras are the main seven energy centers in the body. These seven main chakras are primary chakras.

When our biofield, meridians and chakras, are clear and balanced, our energy moves through and around the body unimpeded. However, it is very rare indeed that we walk through life with our energy systems left untouched by our experiences. All of our experiences and personal interactions have some kind of energetic component and that energy does touch us. That energy does, in fact, have some impact or influence on the functioning of our energy systems and by extension, our thoughts, emotions and physical bodies.

Most of us have recognized that being around certain people or that certain interactions will bring us down mentally, emotionally or energy-wise. As we go through life, we sometimes collect old emotional or energetic content and we are feeling our vibration take a dive! The experiences that actually create the biggest charges or densities tend to be traumas, abuse or other pivotal life experiences. These experiences influence our relationship with ourselves, usually in a negative way.

We can develop negative beliefs around simple life events, experience fears, large or small, sabotage ourselves or have loads of emotional reactivity. Our bodies can develop illness or pain in response to energetic density and old emotional content.

It’s easy to get alarmed by the amount of density we can collect in this lifetime. It’s important to recognize that there are things that we can do to support ourselves in feeling better. We can manage our energy everyday by being in our bodies. If we know how our body feels, where we are mentally, emotionally and energetically, we can begin to recognize when we’ve taken on energy that doesn’t belong to us. We can engage in exercise to move our energy when we feel stuck – yoga or anything that gets you in the body and feeling happy is key. We can eat high quality food and choose the energy of the other things we take in such as music, movies, tv and even the words we speak. Finally, we can find an energy practitioner to support us in releasing density we’ve collected from our personal experiences.

If you choose to work with a practitioner, it is very important that you feel comfortable. That you feel both seen and heard by this individual. There are many different modalities from which to choose. Follow the modality that calls to you personally. That is likely to be the best fit. When someone comes to me for support, I go into a meditative state to see the energy. I visualize and focus on the density vibrating until it vibrates out of the body or the energy merges back into the meridians and moves through the body once more. I also see energy change in someone’s body as they talk with me and I will sometimes move the energy while we converse. The way that I move energy is unique to me, so I can’t speak for other practitioners.

It’s common after session work to feel lighter in the body and much more relaxed. As time goes by, you may notice you are less reactive. Perhaps a person who once touched sore spots no longer shows up on your radar. You may notice you are completing some of the goals or intentions you set before your session. Maybe you see some difference in your physical body. The results vary from person to person. Sometimes results come quickly. Other times you may have to set out on a few adventures to excavate areas of density. We are all so unique, it’s wonderful to simply honor the journey.

If you would like more specific information or you would like to understand certain issues such as judgment, being in a body or our primary relationship with our own sweet selves, let me know.


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Shannen’s Experience with Marnie’s Energy Healing:
ER or Marnie?

I’ve seen Marnie for my panic attacks when I felt like nothing was working or had extremely little time, and for my chronic physical pain when I really thought, “Do I go to the ER? Or do I call Marnie?”

My first experience with Marnie was for my physical pain about three years ago. I was working with her at YogaWorks right after an accident in a headstand that caused my neck to lose mobility, and for my throat to have difficulty swallowing. I was in the most pain that I’ve ever been in physically. She asked me to stay calm and started waving her hands behind my head as if she was pulling energy out of my neck. I had never heard of energy healing, so I was skeptical…but then I freaked out and literally starting saying “wait…what are you doing?!!” My shoulders had melted down, and my neck had released enough so I was able to swallow and gained back slightmovement. She told me to stay calm. I was able to work without pain that day.

Second experience was when I felt like nothing else was working emotionally, panic attacks and depression had taken over. Again, I asked Marnie for help, even though I honestly was still a skeptic and totally confused as to how she helped me without even touching me. This time she had me lie down, and close my eyes. I forget how long the session was, but it felt like a very long time! She said I obviously really wanted some energy out of me because lots of black energy was flying out! Also, she said she “re-wired my brain,” meaning, how I react to situations. I felt very lightheaded and thirsty afterwards, but oddly happy. I got a call from my boyfriend-at-the-time’s little brother saying no one knew where he was (which normally would’ve led to an immediate panic attack), but instead, right before I was about to panic, I felt like a little messenger in my brain quickly decided to take another path and I calmly responded “he’s probably at work.” And he was. Right after, I went to an extremely stressful band practice full of dramatic arguing and yelling, and my band members said angrily, “why are you smiling?” I couldn’t help it. I felt so light, and happy. Nothing bothered me. I was not affected by anyone else’s moods.

The last time I asked Marnie for help was for my neck again. I was in my journalism class and started having difficulty swallowing and was choking on my saliva. Though I was trying to stay calm – partly by singing “The Piano Man” by Billy Joel and partly by talking to my friend, I could feel my body panicking and tensing up even more. I couldn’t relax at all, and it made swallowing impossible. I tried a heating pad once I made it home. It felt like the inflammation around my throat was building up even though my neck muscles were relaxing. So I switched to ice, but of course that didn’t work because ice made me relax less. My dad was freaking out, and I kept asking to go to the ER. But then I remembered Marnie.

“Your poor intestines!!!”

That was literally the first comment she made. I had gone to the doctor and they told me my stomach lining was inflamed and I was extremely backed up, so I had to empty everything AKA laxative. Then she noted that my neck, shoulder, upper back muscles felt extremely tight, so she was going to help me relax.

“All energy goes in through the belly button.”

So she worked on the belly first. And I could feel my belly become lighter, my stomach started to expand a lot more with my inhales. She noted my aura has a gap in it, which is unusual, and my polarities were flipped. She put my polarities back in place, helped me relax, and gave me visualization techniques to practice on my own to get my energy moving cause apparently my energy wasn’t moving at all.

“Imagine a hand is pulling the locked energy out of your body.”

I practiced that imagery in meditation three times a day after she helped me. And soon enough, I was able to catch and manipulate when my throat was beginning to close and neck muscles beginning to tighten. If I panic, I will tense up. So I have to meditate and tune into my body, mind, and energy.

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