Mental Health News ~ APA writes letter to Trump, NY First to Require Mental Health Education and more.

I remember back in 2014 when I started The Strange is Beautiful, I felt like there wasn’t much mental health news that other publications were covering. Recently, I’ve noticed a spike in coverage of this beat, from the suicide of Anthony Bourdain, to Logic’s suicide awareness song, to the American Psychology Association’s letter to Trump.

Below are some of the important mental health news I found for this month.

1. New York is the first state to require mental health education in schools. 

Read their intentions for education here.

The Mighty wrote about this in January of this year, but it is supposed to be implemented in July.
See full article here.

Link to organization.

2. Logic’s Grammy performance tripled calls to National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at the Grammys.

The music video for”1-800-273-8255″ with Alessia Cara and Khalid was published in August 2017, and the song was released on Logic’s album in May 2017 called “Everybody.” 

See full article here.

3. Nalgona Positivity Pride’s (NPP) post in response to Anthony Bourdain’s suicide gains 289 comments about the type of help those struggling with suicide want and need.

See full article here.

3. The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies ‘gaming disorder’ as a mental health condition in the 11th edition of it’s International Classification of Diseases released Monday, June 14.

Read full article here.
See the ICD-11.

4. American Psychology Association wrote a letter to Trump explaining how tearing apart families will cause psychological disorders in children. #KeepFamiliesTogether.

Read the letter here.
Link to APA.

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Words by Shannen Roberts.
Shannen is a Peruvian-American writer, musician and yogi.
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