“I Need A Drink”

Always ask yourself before you drink, “why am I drinking?”


For the holidays, most people love to go to parties and drink (or do a variety of other drugs lol). Holidays are a great time to “escape,” but I want to remind everyone that alcohol is for celebrating, not for self-medicating.

“In our culture, ‘you need a drink’ is an acceptable suggestion to the outward showing of anxiety, tension, sadness, depression. And it definitely works. But at a certain age, during a certain hard time in my life, with a certain level of consciousness, ‘have a drink’ was not the solution to my problem. It would only add to the problem,” said Leslie Hendry of The Huffington Post.

Always ask yourself before you drink, why am I drinking? If it’s to celebrate, like for New Year’s tonight, that’s perfectly healthy :) But if it becomes a pattern whenever you are stressed and you “need a drink,” stop yourself, and choose to do something grounding. Even something as ridiculously simple as cleaning. Set a goal this New Year’s to choose a healthy form for self-medicating <3

Wrote a poem about alcohol and the holidays for all you beauties below! Happy holidays!

Drunken heart

You just need a new start

Drunken lifestyle

It’s nice to escape for awhile

But if it’s more than awhile

You’ll only last for awhile.


Celebrate a new start


Let us escape for awhile

But it’s just for awhile

So make the best of the while.

Read the whole Huffington Post article here.

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