News: Global goal to help the 450 million people with mental obstacles

The world’s top psychiatrists are globally pushing for UN to include mental health objectives in post 2015 developmental goals.

Professor Graham Thornicroft, one of the UK’s leading experts on mental obstacles, told The Independent on Sunday that the UN needs to propel countries to end “a conspiracy of silence” so people with mental obstacles can actually receive proper treatment.

“This year, one in six of us will have a mental health problem … In most countries it is difficult, almost impossible, to speak about mental [obstacles],” he said.

At least 450 million people are believed to suffer from mental obstacles.

The Sustainable Developmental Goals (SDG) initiative believes globally treating mental health problems will reduce poverty, chronic disease, and educational underachievement – all inflamed by mental obstacles.

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***Side note, just checked out their site. It’s amazing!! Check it out here: #FundaMentalSDG


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