“Offerings” – Poetry by Shannen Roberts

please don’t ask me
to do more
remind me
to do less
please don’t ask me
ask me
what i need
& offer me practical help

offerings are a forgotten love
a forgotten power of
to secure the longevity of our communities
to secure our growth and advancement.

without a price tag
without it being transactional
to people who need extra care all the time
because we all need different levels of care
and this difference
shouldn’t be a hindrance
it isn’t
it’s just a fact
that we as a community must act
on to support their needs

this difference
isn’t a hindrance
even though society says
anything that isn’t for me
is a burden

this difference
isn’t a hindrance
this difference is a fact
that we as a community must act
on to support the needs
of our chosen families.

what will you offer when you can?
maybe today, maybe next month.

we don’t all have the capacity to offer,
but when we do, it’s a right that often isn’t used.

listen carefully
to what your loved ones say
it’s the shy subtleties
to cover their shame
“I don’t feel good today”
should be more than enough
for you to translate as
“I need your help”
they might never actually use the words “I need your help”
so listen carefully
an art lost today
we speak, and we post
but we don’t hear what our own friends say
listen carefully
someone might need your help today.

Sending you positive vibes,
Founding Editor-in-Chief
The Strange is Beautiful

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Shannen Roberts (she/her) is the Peruvian-American, founding editor-in-chief of The Strange is Beautiful, musician and yogi.
Learn more about her here. 

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