How to Listen to Your Body: Self-Love Routine

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One of my January reflection goals was to learn to love myself again. A part of that process has been making it a routine to listen to my body. Listening to your body is a practice (and yes, sometimes it is hard + involves tissues <3 <3 <3). It means pausing to sit, breathe, relax the muscles in your face, …

Self-Love Chart Reminder

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Loving myself has come to mean being compassionate to myself. To me, a big part of that is understanding that my mood and energy fluctuate, and that is okay. This chart helps me understand that some days are harder than others, and while I will have some days that make it impossible to feel love for myself, there will also …

“Like Love” – Self-Love Poem by Georgia St. Jones

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Like Love Treating yourself is nice, but Have you ever looked in the mirror And immediately smiled at your reflection Like seeing an old friend for the first time in months? The eye contact feels like home The familiarity feels like the beach You’re warm and calm Your skin is kissed by a honey-color light Treating yourself is nice, but

Self-Care in Solidarity at “Quince Night”

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On January 28 at the Lodge Room in Highland Park, music reverberated against the walls and the stairs creaked under the pressure of party-goers ready to go to the event upstairs. Gold balloons spelling out “Quince Night” as well as pink and white ones decorated the stairwell. Groups of people crowded the entryway, laughing and talking as they waited for …