Silicon Valley – Stress of Child Poverty Changes Brain Chemistry

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“There’s people over here that struggle to throw away the trash because they’re scared that they might not come back,” said Jorge Valencia, 16. This article on Silicon Valley really touched me because, coming from a middle class family, it is heartbreaking to see my friends who have been poor all their lives struggle with simple basic needs and have …

Oh my goth! Soko has anxiety so I gave her a present


I was one of about 20 goth extras in self-proclaimed alien Soko’s new 80’s-cheesed music video today for a song she collaborated on with Ariel Pink called “Lovetrap.” She asked us to dress in all black and look “goth” so I wore my vintage black lace dress from Ragg Mopp and black combat boots from Urban Outfitters.

Society Says I’m Depressed Cuz I’m Single: A Survey

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I surveyed 100 humans between the ages of 13 – when hormones are crazy – and 30 – when society says “pop out a baby before it’s too late!” – on whether they perceive relationships as necessary or unnecessary to be happy.