What’s the intent of the holidays?

The intention of the holidays is often lost because of expectations we set of how it’s “supposed” to be, tension within our family, the overall chaos of the holidays, money troubles and more. However, the true intention of the holidays is gratitude and love. Think of one thing you’re grateful for, and how you can show more patience towards it. By practicing patience for those things you are thankful for, you will cultivate love. Love is like a plant, and patience is it’s nutrients. Without patience, love cannot grow or survive. Nurture what you love, who you love, and yourself with patience. When your crop is ready, you will harvest sweet, ripe, and abundant love. “Patience is bitter, but it’s fruit is sweet.” Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Holiday Horrors, Body Image, and Happiness

"When the holidays turn into something to 'get through' rather than something to celebrate, it is time to take another look because something is wrong."

News: Rape Culture Dating “Expert” Teaches Men to Abuse Women

Julien Blanc is a self-proclaimed pick-up artist (PUA) who gives seminars that promote violence against women. Julien Blanc is a sexist and racist and needs to be stopped.

I know this article isn’t about a “mental obstacle,” but men like this create false images of how a woman is supposed to look and promote abusive relationships and