A Doctor’s Opinion: Pills vs. Holistic


Email between Shannen Roberts and Dr. Chad Cox M.D. (Yes, my doctor’s last name is Cox…)   Hi Dr. Cox !   Educate us 2014 teenagers/young adults please and thank you :) In general – tell me about the truths and dispel the myths behind the “happy pill.”

Knitting, Plants, a Phobia : Self-Help Steps for Everyone

swearing in cursive

Swearing in Cursive #3 is an honest, reflective zine on a power struggle between a femme queer grannypunx girl and her phobia, and how she finds solace in knitting, plants, and a routine. She shares 4 steps to control attacks, and 4 steps to tame everyday stress.

WTF is Mental Health vs. Mental "Illness??"


Ross Szabo perfectly explains what mental health actually is, why it’s as important as physical health, and why EVERYONE should be concerned about their own mental health. Reposting Ross Szabo’s article from the Huffington Post.