Hello New L.A. Zine Fest Friends!

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Hi to all new L.A. Zine Fest friends! We are so grateful and excited to have you join our community and cause <3 This is an introductory zine on everything we do with links!

5 Positive Thoughts of Self-Worth


On days where I feel doubtful of who I am and what direction my life is headed, I remind myself that I’m worth the time and investment, no matter how much. I say these things to myself as a mental note that I’m worth the progress I’m making.

Snapshot of Mamí and Me: What I Left and What I am Worth


My mamí always had fragrant cremas on her hands. She would put them on daily, always using them in the morning, before leaving for work. They came in these little round pastel bottles with gold and silver caps. As a girl I would play with the botellitas, stacking them, cutting circles of paper and using the cremas to make paper …