Sadcore Sundays – “Soft Skeletons” by Anberlin

How To Become One With The Universe with Yumi Sakugawa

book you need

Get her book, and swallow it whole. Let the nutrients from her book absorb into your blood stream and make you stronger.   Everyone needs an intergalactic BFF and an intergalactic guide to inner peace. You neeeeed Yumi Sakugawa and her book “Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One With the Universe.” I cannot accentuate enough how wonderful this book is!! You …

A Doctor’s Opinion: Pills vs. Holistic


Email between Shannen Roberts and Dr. Chad Cox M.D. (Yes, my doctor’s last name is Cox…)   Hi Dr. Cox !   Educate us 2014 teenagers/young adults please and thank you :) In general – tell me about the truths and dispel the myths behind the “happy pill.”