Sadcore Sunday: “I thought I was an alien” by Soko


I’m literally obsessed with Soko right now (first it was Sky Ferreira but I mean, Soko is French it’s like, sorry Sky…R.I.P.) She gets anxiety and depression too !! And she’s just overall her true self and doesn’t give a f*** about anyone. <333

Soko’s album called “I though I was an alien” (2012)

Album Song List:

1- I just want to make it new with you
2- I thought I was an alien
3- People always look better in the sun
4- We might be dead by tomorrow
5- No more home, no more love
6- For Marlon
7- First love never die
8- Treat your woman right
9- How are you?
10- Don’t you touch me
11- Destruction of the disgusting ugly hate
12- Happy Hippie Birthday
13- I’ve been alone too long
14- Why don’t you eat me now you can?
15- You have a power on me

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 1.53.03 PM
That’s Google’s definition. We’re defining “sad core” as anything you listen to when you’re sad. Sadcore Sundays are meant for you to indulge in your sad feels for a moment, but then let go and move on. Send in your favorite sad core songs to¬†
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