Sadcore Sundays: “I’m So Tired” by Fugazi

One time when I couldn’t fall asleep, my friend looped “I’m So Tired” by Fugazi, and it was the only thing that got me to finally enter dream world. The piano chords seem to trudge up a flight of stairs, slowly turning the knob of your bedroom door, and belly flopping on to your mattress in extreme exhaustion and burnout. Meanwhile, his voice is a gentle lullaby, taking your shoes and socks off that you were too tired to remove yourself, tucks you in, and turns the light off.

Lyrics to “I’m So Tired” by Fugazi

out here
i can barely see my breath
by jealousy and death
i can’t be reached
i’ve only had one call
dragged underneath
separate from you all
this time
i’ve lost my own return
in spite of
everything i’ve learned
i hid my tracks
spit out all my air
slipped into cracks
stripped of all my cares
i’m so tired
sheep are counting me
no more struggle
no more energy
no more patient
you can write that down
it’s all too crazy
i’m not sticking ’round

What is Sadcore Sundays?

Sadcore Sundays songs are meant for you to set time to indulge in your sad feels and find relief.
After listening, we encourage you to do one small goal such as showering or taking a walk.

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