Sadcore Sundays: “The One” by Jorja Smith

It’s a weird balance to love someone and ask for their help, and conversely, to not run to them each time. Even though it is human to need company when we’re feeling sad, it can be scary to be vulnerable. If you’re struggling with this balance, Jorja Smith’s R&B pop song “The One” will soothe you when you choose to take care of yourself, and understand when you have trouble being okay with having a loved one be there for you. The choice is yours, and any choice you make is the right one.

Lyrics to “The One” by Jorja Smith:

[Verse 1] Never had to work for love
Don’t need you to show me how
Don’t want to be falling in
When I’m falling out
Didn’t think I’d give for love
Every time I hold it back
Now there’s lust in my head
I’m tryna find who I am

[Pre-Chorus] There’s choosers, there’s takers
There’s beggin’ heartbreakers
I don’t wanna be that way
You will never hear me say
“Come hold me, console me”
When, really, I’m lonely
Even if I feel this way
I don’t wanna feel this way
When I—

[Chorus] Need someone
I don’t want to need no one
I’m not tryna let you in
Even if I’ve found the one

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