Zine #1

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“It’s not as simple as just leaving”

Domestic and Sexual Abuse Awareness Zine
Presented by The Strange is Beautiful and Cusi Coyllur

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Published on October 2, 2017.

Zine # 2:

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Get yours at LA Zine Fest May 27 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. (free event).

The Strange is Beautiful:
Alternative Self-Help Guide 
Created by Shannen Roberts
Print $15.00 (Limited number)
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Preview The Strange is Beautiful guide below:

Get your copy at LA Zine Fest May 27, 2018.

 About “The Strange is Beautiful Alternative Self-Help Guide”:

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This guide will help you find holistic ways to treat not just your stress, or mind obstacles, but your self as a whole. From self-help such as yoga for anxiety and depression, self massage and things-to-do-when-you-want-to-freak-out-and-die, to interviews of musician Soko, LGBTQ therapist and an energy healer, you’ll gain the tools to develop your own self-care and self-love routine!



The full color print guide is perfect bound, 8.5″ x 11″ and has 44 pages with an envelope inside that contains five letters of relationship advice.

 All copies come with the following:

1. Yoga Videos

yoga video

A secret link (ssh!!) to the first out of four online yoga classes for anxiety and depression will be emailed to you !! We will send you links to the rest of the videos once they are ready (we are perfecting the audio for you xoxox).

2. Goodies!!

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Lastly, you’ll get a “Posi Vibes” button, The Strange is Beautiful temporary tattoo and three PDF zines plus music about Shannen’s story with mind obstacles.

Email me if you have any questions to
Sending you ++posi vibes++
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