When a friend calls to vent, ask them these questions.

When a friend asks to vent, ask them what they need from you.

✨”Do you want me to…

A) just listen

B) give advice

C) give reassurance

D) give my blunt opinion

E) come visit you in-person

F) get you a ride so you can come to me if I can’t come to you

G) find someone who can visit you in-person

H) help you find a therapist

I) help you find an alternative healer”✨

Everyone has different needs, and sometimes we feel and hope that people will be psychic and just knowwww what to do. But because we’re all different, and we all have different needs, we can’t assume what someone would like us to do. I hope these questions help you communicate more compassionately with your friends and loved ones, and help you both feel heard and loved. ???

Learn more ways to help a friend with their mind obstacles below.

How to Help a Friend With a Mind Obstacle

Words by Shannen Roberts.
Featured artwork by Diana Flores.

Diana Flores (she/her) is a very indecisive girl who likes to paint her feelings.
She creates art for The Strange is Beautiful, and also sells her visual art and embroidered work here.
See her latest TSIB posts here.

Sending you positive vibes,
Founding Editor-in-Chief
The Strange is Beautiful

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Shannen Roberts (she/her) is the Peruvian-American, founding editor-in-chief of The Strange is Beautiful, musician and yogi.
Learn more about her here. 

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