How To Become One With The Universe with Yumi Sakugawa

Get her book, and swallow it whole. Let the nutrients from her book absorb into your blood stream and make you stronger.


Everyone needs an intergalactic BFF and an intergalactic guide to inner peace. You neeeeed Yumi Sakugawa and her book “Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One With the Universe.” I cannot accentuate enough how wonderful this book is!! You need it. Get it now. You will feel so so so much better.

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Yumi Sakugawa is a comic book artist and author. She just recently related her journey of battling depression to becoming a self-help author in Bitch Magazine’s Love & Lust issue. A lot of the aspects I study in yoga and energy healing are addressed in her book in a humorous, cute and quirky way that’s easier to relate to than jumping straight into the study of Eastern philosophy, practices, and medicine. She has a gift of teaching self-healing through the perception of the naturally kind and infinitely dream-like creative mind that a child is born with.

98% of 5 year olds test with high creativity

2% of adults test high with creativity

Creativity is often lost, suffocated, and pushed down once you turn about 9 or 10. Yet we crave what we can’t have, so we eat dreamy products up because, really, creativity is a rebellion against the world that we wished we had the balls to commit ourselves. Yumi is that 2% of “adults” who are creative (the word “adult” makes me cringe because it stereotypically clings onto the idea of becoming boring and working in a cubicle.)

 Her book started out as 2 zines.

I remember being at my first LA Zine Fest and being overwhelmed by all the tables bearing creativity that I thought was lost today. And the first zine that caught my eye was Yumi’s zine on meditation (I gave it to my mom as a gift because she’s been a yogini since I was 12 <333)

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Read the whole meditation zine here.

And at East Side Zine Market, I saw Yumi tabling again, and the title of her zines “Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One With the Universe,” won my little yogi heart. Bought it, fell in love, cherished it, it’s basically one of my biblical books (that and Rookie Mag and The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are always by my bed.)

Her zines are the reason I’ve been leaving around these bottles around my college campus:



Her last assignment from the universe:

“Create a new space-time continuum of transcendence that will bring peace and joy to all sentient beings in the universe.”

To me this is saying, if we all work together to love everyone for the best and worst parts of them – for their light and dark, their yin and yang – we can bring peace and joy to the whole world.

Sending ++posi vibes++
-Shay of TSIB


1. It’s 3AM, just came back from an Anberlin concert – a moment of tears because of they are breaking up – and I was welcomed to a lovely brown package (AKA Yumi’s book in the mail) and so was obligated to write this article for you xoxox

2. Will be posting a comparison of yoga philosophy and the lessons she teaches in her book ASAP :)



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