“Like Love” – Self-Love Poem by Georgia St. Jones

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Like Love Treating yourself is nice, but Have you ever looked in the mirror And immediately smiled at your reflection Like seeing an old friend for the first time in months? The eye contact feels like home The familiarity feels like the beach You’re warm and calm Your skin is kissed by a honey-color light Treating yourself is nice, but

“And Through Her Eyes She is Whole” – Short Story by Georgia St. Jones

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Grass blades stick into her skin as she lay on her back, completely bare. She sinks into the ground beneath her and can feel the Earth move in sync with her own breathing. Her eyes open to see the infinite blue above and stares into the eyes of melancholy while remembering the times she’s been here before.

Discouraged About Your Art? Make More Noise.

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Sometimes I feel doomed or as though I’ve betrayed myself in wanting a career in writing and overall only feeling happy when I can utilize my creativity. And other times I feel as though despite all my yelling that no one listens to me regardless. I get discouraged by my lack of popularity, the lack of ‘likes’ and attention I …

Interview: Enrique Jesus Hernandez: Part 3: DVAM


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (#DVAM). We just premiered Enrique Jesus Hernandez’s latest music video “theCHILD” for Sadcore Sundays and now, here is Part 1 of an interview about his EP about experiencing domestic abuse. Read the whole interview in our free zine here.

Accepting Difficult Change: Poetry by Georgia St. Jones

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My mother had been wanting to move to Lancaster since we started going through the moving process. It was me and my negative energy that kept us in L.A. for so long. It took me a long time to accept that my future was no longer in Los Angeles.