Society Says I’m Depressed Cuz I’m Single: A Survey

I surveyed 100 humans between the ages of 13 – when hormones are crazy – and 30 – when society says “pop out a baby before it’s too late!” – on whether they perceive relationships as necessary or unnecessary to be happy.

Interview of Eating Disorder Clinic’s Yoga Instructor: Ashley Rideaux

Artwork by Heidi van den Berg

Ashley Rideaux teaches at a residential eating disorder treatment center for girls and women called Monte Nido Vista in Agoura Hills, California. She talks about how different her Monte Nido Vista yoga class is from a regular class, and how it helps the patients’ healing process. Besides yoga, Rideaux describes what a typical day at the center would be like, surprisingly reveals her own past struggles with body image, and offers advice for everyone on how to love their life. <333  

 ashley image 1

ashley image 2Shannen: Tell me about your yoga class at Monte Nido Vista.

Hawaiian Magic Calms Mind

Multiple parts of the body are worked on simultaneously which makes it difficult for the mind to focus on anything, therefore putting you into a state of calm mental bliss.