Society Says I’m Depressed Cuz I’m Single: A Survey

I surveyed 100 humans between the ages of 13 – when hormones are crazy – and 30 – when society says “pop out a baby before it’s too late!” – on whether they perceive relationships as necessary or unnecessary to be happy.

Interview of Eating Disorder Clinic’s Yoga Instructor: Ashley Rideaux

Artwork by Heidi van den Berg

Ashley Rideaux teaches at a residential eating disorder treatment center for girls and women called Monte Nido Vista in Agoura Hills, California. She talks about how different her Monte Nido Vista yoga class is from a regular class, and how it helps the patients’ healing process. Besides yoga, Rideaux describes what a typical day at the center would be like, surprisingly reveals her own past struggles with body image, and offers advice for everyone on how to love their life. <333  

 ashley image 1

ashley image 2Shannen: Tell me about your yoga class at Monte Nido Vista.