“Like Love” – Self-Love Poem by Georgia St. Jones

Like Love

Treating yourself is nice, but

Have you ever looked in the mirror
And immediately smiled at your reflection
Like seeing an old friend for the first time in months?
The eye contact feels like home
The familiarity feels like the beach
You’re warm and calm
Your skin is kissed by a honey-color light
Treating yourself is nice, but

Have you ever spoken to yourself
From behind your own eyes
And heard the words of God remind you
Why your voice is a song
That the angels play on repeat?
The bass has never felt so deep
As it does when you speak aloud

Treating yourself is nice, but

Knowing yourself is better
And to know yourself is to know love
Treat yourself like

Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 5.39.29 PM

Georgia St. Jones is a California broke girl using music, art, and literature as a way to be universal and staff contributor for The Strange is Beautiful.
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