The Strange is Beautiful (TSIB) changes the way mental illnesses mind obstacles are seen, makes alternative self-help accessible, and creates a positive community for those struggling.

Recently, this June 2018, we held an Instagram discussion with POC healers and therapists on suicide and mental health resources that Remezcla spotlighted, and received 15k listens on Lavendaire’s podcast feature of us a month later.

About Shannen

Why The Strange is Beautiful?

I started this project because my whole life I’ve grown up with kids who have ADHD, schizophrenia, panic disorder, anxiety, PTSD, depression….including my own set of obstacles. And I felt like no one cared about what we were going through, no one wanted to listen to us, and no one wanted to have anything to do with us period…and none of us knew how to get better. I had panic disorder since high school and cycles of depression and anxiety since junior high school. I lost friends, boyfriends, etc. because they didn’t know how to deal with someone with mind obstacles, they didn’t want to learn how, and I didn’t know how to teach them at the time anyway.

How to Help Someone with a Mind Obstacle

What are Mind Obstacles?

The Strange is Beautiful calls mental illnesses “mind obstacles,” because we believe the term “mental illnesses” is negative, and sounds like it is something permanent.