Yoga for Anxiety + Depression #9: Tree Pose

Your pose for today is: Tree Pose! Tree Pose is a balancing pose that helps your mind focus and find clarity  (instead of being trapped in an unending cycle of negative thoughts). Yogi’s often say that balancing poses such as “Tree Pose,” will help you “ground or center” your energy.

How to practice this pose

This pose can be practiced with a candle, music, or after a few repetitions of Sun Salutation A to help your mind reach a peaceful state.

***If you are agitated and can’t focus at all, first practice 3-5 Sun Salutation A’s, and hold the last Forward Fold for 3-5 slow and deep breaths. Roll up one vertebrae at a time, and pause in a standing position with your palms at your heart’s center. Thennnnn practice Tree Pose. This way, the Sun Salutations will release the agitated or panicky energy out. Hopefully, the Forward Fold will help calm your mind and body, so you will be ready to attempt Tree Pose.

How to get into the pose

1. Start standing and find a solid posture.

Feet are “hip distance” apart. Press into your feet, and inhale. As you inhale, grow a little bit taller. Exhale and melt your shoulders down, draw the belly button and frontal ribs in. Roll your shoulders up and back, and bring your palms to your heart’s center.

2. Find a point in front of you to focus on.

3. Come to the ball of your right (R) foot, turn the foot out. Place your R foot on to the calve.

tree pose


You can stay there, or place your R foot on your thigh (you can use your hand to place your foot.) Keep lifting your left (L) hip up and out. Stand up straight, and continue to grow up towards the ceiling.


tree pose variation


If this is your first time doing the pose, try 3-5 slow, deep belly breaths. You may begin to bring your arms up and over your head in a “V” shape.

When finished, bring your R knee up, and lower it down. Inhale sweep your arms up. Exhale bring palms back to the heart’s center.

How I prep to practice Tree Pose

Balancing poses are very, very hard for me, especially when I am agitated. If I want to bring clarity back to my mind, I like to practice Sun Salutation A 2-4 times, hold the last Forward Fold for 3-5 breaths, roll up and pause with my palms at heart center. After this preparation, my body is calm and ready to focus on Tree Pose.

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Hope this helps you <333


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