Sadcore Sundays: “Kill” by Ivo Dimchev

A mix of gothic dark pop, creepy orchestral arrangements, and eerie falsetto, Ivo Dimchev’s “Kill” fills souls with sadness and a shift of perspective simultaneously. Sadness to see people lose all faith that there is love left in the world, lose all strength to be positive, and fill up, survive on rage. The shift of perspective takes place there, the rage. An awareness of how depression can express itself as anger and harm of others is crucial to healing. Stress and oppression from the world want us to suffocate ourselves in our own rage. Rage can be used as a tool for good, it can be an ally. But when not harnessed, it can cause distortion of how we see and live in the world. It can cause us to lose the ability to enjoy anything or anyone and to only see the negative in everything. This song could be interpreted entirely differently, that a wounded heart can lead to violence, deaths, and killing. I don’t see this song as that, but instead, as the confusion of rage that has piled up for too long and continues to grow like weeds. An infestation of anger unable to be digested or used for good and transforms into a deterrent.

“The only real source of love is in your little wounded heart, your little wounded heart, but I know that you won’t listen.”

Listen to your pain. Your true self is not anger, you are still in there, always and forever. Find yourself.

See Ivo Dimchev at The Hotel Cafe August 31st in Los Angeles. Tickets are here.

Lyrics to “Kill” by Ivo Dimchev

oh you little boy, you little piece of joy, and you little girl,
little wonderful world of loving,
why you’re crying now ooh oooh oooh I know,
I know ooh oooh oooh I know,
I know you crying for the blood of those you love you crying now
because your world is gone and I’m trying now to prove you’re wrong
cos the only place of love,
the only real source of love is in your little wounded heart your
little wounded heart but I know that you won’t listen and there’s no
one that you believe in cos all your
pain is real and makes you want to kill.
I know you won’t make it
little lives I see them take it
cos already the gun’s in your hands, the gun’s in your hands,
the gun’s in your hands
the gun’s in tour hands lalalalalala, lalalalalalala lalalalalala

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Shannen Roberts (she/her) is the Peruvian-American, founding editor-in-chief of The Strange is Beautiful, musician and yogi.
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