“The Aftermath” – Healing After a Breakup, Short Story


The First Day After… It feels like the hundredth time this morning that something reminds you of them. The grocery store bakery carries that rare bread that they like. You’re tempted to smell it because you think it’ll make you feel close to them again. You think burying your nose into something they love will turn you back into something …

Leave the Blinds Shut: 5 Ways to Pull Yourself Through A Depression Episode

Puddle of Sadness

When it comes to my moods and my emotions, my highs can be really high. But my lows can leave me wondering where those highs even came from in the first place. Here recently, I’ve been in an emotional rut that’s resulted in me not being able to enjoy life as much as I’d like and it’s had a negative …

“Like Love” – Self-Love Poem by Georgia St. Jones

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Like Love Treating yourself is nice, but Have you ever looked in the mirror And immediately smiled at your reflection Like seeing an old friend for the first time in months? The eye contact feels like home The familiarity feels like the beach You’re warm and calm Your skin is kissed by a honey-color light Treating yourself is nice, but

“And Through Her Eyes She is Whole” – Short Story by Georgia St. Jones

Through Her Eyes Image

Grass blades stick into her skin as she lay on her back, completely bare. She sinks into the ground beneath her and can feel the Earth move in sync with her own breathing. Her eyes open to see the infinite blue above and stares into the eyes of melancholy while remembering the times she’s been here before.

The Old Me is Invited to the New Year

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Coming into a new year, a widely celebrated turning point in time, we’re often bombarded with the idea that we must make it an important change in our individual lives. The emphasis for change is all around us and we often pressure ourselves into the “new year, new me” mindset, deciding on leaving part of ourselves in the previous year …