Yoga for Anxiety + Depression #4: Bridge Pose

Your pose for today is Bridge Pose !

Bridge Pose, or Setu Bandha Sarvangasana, is considered a back bend, or a “heart opener.” Heart openers offer space for the breath in the ribs, chest, throat, and neck, and this added space calms anxieties. Because backbends are opening up the heart cavity, sometimes there will be an emotional release (AKA tears). Tears in this pose are normal and are a healthy part of self healing <333

Yoga for Anxiety + Depression #3: Thread the Needle

Your pose for today is: Thread the Needle !

Thread the Needle falls under the category of “hip openers” in a typical yoga class, and focuses specifically on your “outer hips.” Most of our stress is stored in our hips, so it’s totally normal and common to feel frustration or to cry in hip openers. When you do this pose, you are releasing emotional stress from your body that is wayyy past overdue when leaving your physical body.