Yoga for Anxiety + Depression: What, Why, How?

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a discipline and practice to find peace within the mind, body, and soul. It’s a life-time journey or process of reconnecting the self (you, me) with the universe, and being one with the universe. Learn more here about the different types of yoga. 

Sadcore Sundays: SoKo Talks Anxiety and Her Yeti, aka Depression

Artists pour out their emotions from their conscious and subconscious thoughts when they write, record and perform it for audiences who in turn heal from the music.

Many artists suffer from anxiety and depression. Being an artist for a living can be rewarding and medicinal, but can conversely stimulate more mental health issues. An obvious reason that this happens is because of the long erratic hours for little pay. However, a more subtle correlation is, energetically, after a performance, the artist has relived the story they wrote about and given a part of themselves to the audience. Afterward, when everyone is gone, it can feel like something is missing. The adrenaline rush is gone. The people parading around them are gone. The compliments, the love from fans, are all too quickly gone….

It takes strength and passion to be an artist.