Sadcore Sundays: “We Had to End it” by Cuco

In honor of Cuco playing a block party in Los Angeles today, we’re featuring his song “We Had to End it” for Sadcore Sundays. This is for anyone who’s been through a breakup recently and feels like the world is ending and there is no more reason to live. Cuco feels your feels <3

Sadcore Sundays: “Slow Motion” by PHOX

The first line of “Slow Motion” by PHOX, “Everything I do, I do in slow motion,” is relatable to me on so many levels. I remember with depression, I felt like I took way too much time to complete simple tasks, and that time itself was a sloth. With panic attacks, sometimes it felt like time had stopped as my depth perception went haywire. With mind obstacles sometimes the gut becomes ill, and with stomach problems or pain I’ve always had to slow down everything in my life, which is challenging if you’re working or in school or both.