9 Meditations for Anxiety and Depression: January 2018


Every Monday we post on Instagram “Meditation Mondays” as a reminder to pause, breathe and reflect on uncomfortable feelings that rise during each day. Below are a compilation of our meditations up to January. Everyday is a practice.

5 Meditations for Anxiety and Depression: May 2017


Hi TSIB friends! Every Monday on Instagram (@TheStrangeisBeautiful) I post a meditation to practice based on my own personal yoga practice and training. Here are five of the latest meditations I posted for you to practice this month :)

Meditation Mondays: Social Anxiety Tips and Gratitude


I don’t usually make a blog post for Meditation Mondays, it’s usually just a weekly post on our Instagram, but my meditation last night was super reflective and I’d like to share some thoughts with you on tips for social anxiety and on gratitude :)