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The Strange is Beautiful (TSIB)
 changes the way mental illnesses mind obstacles are seen, makes alternative self-care accessible, and creates a positive community for those struggling.

Mind obstacles aren’t strange, they are common and require understanding.


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Sept. 22 – Mothership Fest – Yoga for Mind Obstacles (Such as Anxiety and Depression)

Relationship Advice: Dear Bae of Bae with a Mental Obstacle

Mental obstacles are draining. They can take away all desire to live, so your Bae with a mental obstacle will probably need help researching alternative methods of self-help, therapists, help-lines, support groups, supportive bloggers, etc.

Elliot Rodger – Depression excuses killing?

On May 23, 2014, a tragedy occurred at UC Santa Barbara.

Elliot Rodger, a 22 year-old male that attended Santa Barbara City College, murdered six people and wounded thirteen others shortly after releasing an extremely disturbing video explaining his plan and reasoning, along with an even more disturbing manifesto.

Shannen’s Story


In a nutshell, my genetics, physical pain, and life events.