5 Positive Thoughts of Self-Worth

On days where I feel doubtful of who I am and what direction my life is headed, I remind myself that I’m worth the time and investment, no matter how much. I say these things to myself as a mental note that I’m worth the progress I’m making.

  1. I made it through today, I can make it through tomorrow.
  2. Productivity is a tool to grow, not a tool for competition.
  3. I deserve all the love that I receive.
  4. I am not measured by my failures, but by the strength in my attempts.
  5. I am enough.

I find that keeping this in mind helps me stay focused when distracted by insecurities and uncertainty, or when I feel I don’t have enough to offer. Thinking positive also gives me a better mood and lowers my day-to-day stress levels.

Use these sayings as affirmations of your worth and let them lead you to personal thoughts of reassurance. Write your own five positive thoughts of self-worth and submit them to strangeisbeauty@gmail.com. We’ll post them on our blog xoxox.

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Georgia St. Jones is a California broke girl using music, art, and literature as a way to be universal and staff contributor for The Strange is Beautiful.
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