Sadcore Sundays: “We Had to End it” by Cuco

In honor of Cuco playing a block party in Los Angeles today, we’re featuring his song “We Had to End it” for Sadcore Sundays. This is for anyone who’s been through a breakup recently and feels like the world is ending and there is no more reason to live. Cuco feels your feels <3

“You Can be Broke and Self-Care” Exhibit Sept 21-26


“You Can Be Broke and Self-Care” is The Strange is Beautiful’s photo and interview project featuring 13 people in LA with mind obstacles (that’s what we call mental illnesses) practicing alternative self-care in their home or space. 

Expect to see polaroids, digital prints, 1-4 quotes of each of the 13 people interviewed, 3-5 journal prompts for each one, and self-care community events.

Visit it between September 21 and September 26 at Nous Tous Community Gallery for $5-$30 sliding scale donations (donate only if you’re able). Donations go to The Strange is Beautiful.

Sadcore Sundays: “Somedays (I Don’t Feel Like Trying)” by The Raconteurs

My boyfriend played me The Raconteurs’ new song “Somedays (I Don’t Feel Like Trying)” in the car and he said it reminded him of me lol. ACCURATE. I feel like this so much, too much throughout my life. It’s so easily relatable. My favorite lines are:

“But somedays I just feel like crying
And somedays I don’t feel like trying”


“I’m here right now
I’m not dead yet.”

Those last two lines really get me. It reminds me of pushing through all the bullshit life throws at me, pushing through the pain that my own body gives me, and pushing through any challenges and obstacles to remember that hell, I’m fucking alive. I’m ALIVE. I’m still here, I exist, and that’s something to celebrate. Yeah it’s hard for me to get out of bed sometimes, yeah I sometimes cry and give up on everything, but I’m not dead yet, so that means I can’t give up. I have to keep trying. Thank you The Raconteurs for accurately singing my feels. I hope they comfort you tonight and give you the strength to just be, to just live in this present moment, no matter how shitty it is right now, because you’re not dead yet, and you shouldn’t die yet because the universe still needs you and loves you.

Sadcore Sundays: “Slow Motion” by PHOX

The first line of “Slow Motion” by PHOX, “Everything I do, I do in slow motion,” is relatable to me on so many levels. I remember with depression, I felt like I took way too much time to complete simple tasks, and that time itself was a sloth. With panic attacks, sometimes it felt like time had stopped as my depth perception went haywire. With mind obstacles sometimes the gut becomes ill, and with stomach problems or pain I’ve always had to slow down everything in my life, which is challenging if you’re working or in school or both.