Self-Care: Quick and Easy Meals Fit For a Budget

Preparing your own meals is a part of self-care that can be ignored or easily forgotten. Sometimes we feel too exhausted to cook and we find ourselves in the habit of eating fast food that can end up being the reason we continue to feel sluggish and heavy. Buying so much fast food also drains the wallet and the cost of those burgers and fries can really add up.

5 Positive Thoughts of Self-Worth

On days where I feel doubtful of who I am and what direction my life is headed, I remind myself that I’m worth the time and investment, no matter how much. I say these things to myself as a mental note that I’m worth the progress I’m making.

“The Aftermath” – Healing After a Breakup, Short Story

The First Day After…

It feels like the hundredth time this morning that something reminds you of them. The grocery store bakery carries that rare bread that they like. You’re tempted to smell it because you think it’ll make you feel close to them again. You think burying your nose into something they love will turn you back into something they love. It won’t. It’ll just make you that weird person who gets too friendly with the bread. So you stare at it intently, but walk away to avoid the embarrassment.